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The advantage of Printed Toughened kitchen splashbacks is that it is heat resistant and therefore not affected by the heat from kitchen appliances. In addition, holes can be made in the glass for sockets.

At Kitchen Splashback London, printed splashbacks are made from 6mm toughened glass (4 times stronger than normal glass) with highly polished edges. The image is applied with a digital, highly durable vinyl print, with protective foil backing.

This gives the print sharpness and visual depth, and in practical terms makes it more durable: it does not get scratched and is does not become matte during cleaning. You can visit our Showroom and our Workshop at anytime to see other samples and our production process, We always aim to deliver the work with Bespoke Graphic design.

It is Easy to install and Vivid colors with UV resistance‚Äč.