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Mirror glass Splashbacks creates a very attractive feature in kitchens and bathrooms.

At Kitchen Splashback London we make it works well for our esteemed clients with both traditional and contemporary kitchens for splashbacks, and its ability to hide splash-marks helps on a practical level too. Typically, splashbacks are toughened, particularly if positioned right next to a heat source like an Aga or gas hob. Equally, if cut-outs are required for sockets or switches, then provided they are more than 50mm from the edge of the glass (or another socket), then toughening should not be required.

In kitchen the heat source is at least 200mm from the mirror, and no pan can rest directly on the glass while on the hob, then toughening is not required. If you are in doubt about the toughening options (which may determine your choice of style), we recommend you take some photos of the area in question and forward them through to us and we can provide some advice. For some amazing styles what we create at Glass and fusion we can offer lengths of up to 3 metres (provided the height is no more than 1 metre), but sometimes long lengths are best divided into 3 panels for both aesthetic and practical requirements, especially in relation to access and installation.