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Kitchen Splashbacks in London

Glass Splashbacks in London are modern hygienic and stylish, they do not fade over time remaining a beautiful feature of your home for many years to come. Our company is specialist manufacturers of coloured, clear and specialist glass. We have been supplying high-quality glazing for both homes and commercial premises for more than two decades. At our company we offer a complete supply and fix service in your own home/premises giving you a choice of colours to match your surroundings. Contact us in London showroom, today to request a quote for a wide range of glass products, including glass worktops and splashbacks.

Are you looking for a coloured glass Splashback company in London? If so, talk to us. We are glass splashback specialists, and have fitted thousands of glass splashbacks in London over many years. We offer a full ‘Measure & Fit’ service for more complex work, or you can use our ‘Assisted DIY’ service for small simple splashbacks. Possibilities are endless. We can produce virtually any size, shape and colour, print any image, and multiple sparkle, shimmer and abstract options are available. You can pick colours and finishes from our own range, or we can produce bespoke finishes to suit you. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and options.

We can offer design advice and recommendations. Free home visits are available throughout London and surrounding areas, so we can discuss your requirements face to face, offer design advice, show you samples and calculate an exact price. There’s no need for you to provide accurate information over the phone, we will check on everything such as the condition of your walls and suitable panel sizes, amount of cutouts and notches required. Evening and weekend appointments are available, as well as mornings and afternoons. Contact us to discuss availability. We have installed glass kitchen splashbacks and glass bathroom Splashbacks in London for many years.

As we are specialists, our templators and fitters are experienced, professional and friendly. We fully guarantee our work and products. From initial measuring, to manufacturing, delivering, installing and finishing, every care is taken to ensure your new coloured glass Splashbacks look fantastic and stay looking fantastic for years to come. Not only do we supply & fit toughened glass Splashbacks in London, we also cover all of the South East and beyond. For more information on coloured glass Splashbacks in London contact us. Brightly coloured splashbacks to make a statement, neutral coloured splashbacks that blend in. Splashbacks in soft pastille colours, or splashbacks in vibrant bold colours.


Things you may not have considered can be achieved. Would you like to increase light levels in your kitchen? Or make your bathroom appear larger? Would you like to draw attention to certain areas, or detract attention? Splashback colour choice can do these things. Anything is possible, and the choice is vast, but we will help you. Our free home visit service enables you to not only view colours and samples in the light of your own home, but we can offer you free design advice and colour recommendation based on your colour schemes. We can answer questions on coloured glass splashbacks and provide information based on what we see.

And discuss your ideas face to face, to help narrow your choices to achieve a complimentary look to your finished kitchen or bathroom. It also means we can calculate an exact, accurate price without the need for you to provide any information. The quote is a fixed price that would not change at templating stage. This service is free of charge. Evening and weekend appointments are available no problem. Regardless of colour, our glass kitchen splashbacks London are made from toughened glass. Toughened glass splashbacks are not only heat resistant, but are also impact and scratch resistant, meaning they are very strong, durable and ideal to be used behind a heat source (such as a gas hob).

They will protect your walls from splashes of water, grease and oil, and as glass is non-porous, they will not harbour any germs or bacteria like grout lines would with tiles. Glass splashbacks in London are super hygienic and incredibly easy to wipe clean and keep clean. A low maintenance, fantastic looking finish to your kitchen and bathroom walls. All coloured glass splashbacks made and fitted by London Splashbacks come with a 12 year colour guarantee, covering against discolouration and fading. We can produce sparkle finishes in any of our splashbacks, to give them that extra twinkle in the light.

Various options are available, including Rainbow Sparkle (for a multi-coloured sparkle effect), fine silver sparkle (a subtle silver shimmer), Gold Glitter (glitzy, like champagne bubbles) and Intense Sparkle (very eye-catching, particularly in well lit areas). Sparkle splashbacks and glitter splashbacks react best when light is shone on them. So this may be just when the lights are switched on in your kitchen or bathroom, or LED lighting under your kitchen units shining directly down onto your glass splashbacks. Our free home visit service means we can offer you free design advice and design recommendation based on your own ideas and colour schemes.


We can answer questions on sparkle splashbacks and provide information based on what we see. And discuss your ideas face to face, to help narrow your choices to achieve a complimentary look to your finished kitchen or bathroom. It also means we can calculate an exact, accurate price without the need for you to provide any information. The quote is a fixed price that would not change at templating stage. At our company, our mission is to deliver valuable client service skills to all clients. Setting out to meet the individual preferences of all clients, we facilitate flexibility and suit our services around their requirements, ensuring they are satisfied with the services provided to them.

Innovative designs can offer the ultimate transformation to any domestic or commercial property, they complement style with effervescence and supply any confined space with invigoration and enrichments. Available in a variety of different finishes and colours, their polished finish invites artistic benefits to any kitchen in need of smartening up. Made-to-order and customisable, if you have a particular vision in mind regarding the type of glass splashback you’d like to be installed, we highly recommend informing our specialists of these requirements to ensure we can tailor our services around these inclinations.

Advising clients on a daily basis about the design aspect of our glass splashbacks, our specialists attain profound knowledge and skilled talents within the glass solution industry. Creating advances and advantages to any kitchen’s interior, our bespoke solutions are of the highest quality and add a touch of luxury to your central theme. Mirrored or coloured, our splashbacks are innovative. If you’re looking to modernise your home or office space in London, the versatility of our glass clarifications is the perfect addition. Our glass solutions are hygienic, easy to clean and require very little preservation.

Creating a seamless finish for cleaning and polishing, in comparison to traditional tiles, our Splashbacks in London only require a simple wipe over to ensure they are kept sleek and glossy. Installed in a variety of different colours and finishes, the adaptability of our glass solutions is perfect for those looking to customise their individual splashbacks to suit the theme of their kitchen. There is now so much choice when it comes to splashbacks, that your options are much more than tiles or stainless steel. If you’re looking for a splashback option that stands out from the crowd, is easy to clean and hard-wearing, then glass is the way to go.


A glass splashback affords you so many options, you can opt for clear glass, mirrored or an artwork, image or design of your choice printed behind the glass. This gives your kitchen a truly unique edge that stands out from every other home, so whether you want something that matches the design of your room or of beloved holiday destination or memory, we can create your glass splashback bespoke to your needs. As well as this, it’s hygienic, easy to maintain and heat resistant so you really do get both style and substance. All our glass is tempered too, so it will stand the test of time.

Glass splashbacks are one of the easiest splashback options to maintain and are also more hygienic than some other options. The glass can easily be cleaned between uses with a simple wipe from a damp cloth and kitchen cleaner, we recommend using an anti-bacterial one to keep your kitchen area safe and hygienic. Unlike some materials, you shouldn’t need to scrub too hard to remove stubborn stains and our tempered glass is up to the challenge. Our glass splashbacks London are tough and hardwearing as well as heat resistant so will stand the test of time and any splashes that come into contact with it.

Acquiring a range of multi-purpose and resourceful glass splashbacks, they are made from the finest materials and are expertly crafted for easy maintenance, aesthetic assistances and high levels of durability. Small changes can make major differences to both commercial and domestic properties. Our glass splashbacks in London are one of the most popular options for those looking to improve and enhance their existing interior. We highly recommend utilising the services of a professional installation company to certify that the final outcome is of the highest and best quality. Here at our company, we work with a wide range of clients all over London.

Our splashbacks are made to measure, so you will be able to have them installed no matter the size of your kitchen. We’ll come to your property and measure up, and then go from there. No kitchen is too big or small for our expert design team, and they will work with you to design and install a bespoke splashback. So if your kitchen has unusual dimensions and you have been struggling to find a way to update it, our splashbacks could be ideal. Looking for a glass splashback in London? Glass Splashbacks have so many unique qualities.


They are hygienic, low maintenance and stylish option, making them the popular choice for many in kitchens and bathrooms across the London. At our company, not only do we supply made to measure Glass Splashbacks, we also measure and install them too ensuring absolute precision. Our service begins with a glass splashback measuring service throughout the London areas we cover. In this visit we will template the area you require the splashback for. Bespoke Glass Splashbacks are becoming increasingly popular as focal points throughout homes, restaurants and offices. Glass Splashbacks don’t just offer a contemporary look – the glass is also hygienic, safe, and practical, even better they will never require re-grouting.

We use specialist paint that has been specially designed for glass, this provides a stunning finish as well as providing a long lasting option which will not falter no matter what is thrown at it. With the whole production process taking place under one roof, quality levels are always being inspected and as a result, our clients can always expect the highest standard of products. All of our kitchen splashbacks are made using 6mm Toughened Low Iron Clear Glass all with stunning polished edges and foil backing as standard.

The specially formulated low iron recipe makes the glass ultra clear, ensuring that your colour shines without distortion and foil backing provides that durability which ensures that your kitchen splashback will be long lasting and survive the rigours of everyday life. We are also able to provide cut-outs for sockets, taps, sinks and anything else that may get in the way further enhancing the nature of your designs. We have seen London become the land of conversions. Houses converted into flats – and offices, factories and commercial spaces converted to residential use.

No matter what the size and layout of your home is, you can use splashbacks to personalise and add colour to your living space. Smaller, simple splashbacks are surprisingly affordable – and we take the same care and pay the same attention to detail for an enquiry for a single piece of back painted glass, as we do for larger enquiries. We are proud of our client service record and of the very high level of client satisfaction that we consistently achieve. Mirror glass splashbacks are reflective glass splashbacks that have the appearance of a regular mirror. These splashbacks give a fashionable, modern look and visually opens up space in your home, as well as increasing brightness.

Our mirror glass kitchen splashbacks London are made from durable glass with a mirror backing that is moisture, steam, and water-resistant, making them the ideal choice for your kitchen or other wet areas, such as bathrooms or laundry rooms. Mirror glass kitchen splashbacks are also very easy to care for, as all you need is a glass cleaning product to wipe down the surface with a soft cloth or paper towel. Harsh cleaning materials are not advised, as these can damage the finish. We have a state-of-the-art glass painting facility, providing sheets of almost any size with opaque colour on one side and a solid safety backing on the other.


Kitchen Glass Splashbacks in London

We deal with both one-off, residential buyers and volume trade clients. Our experience in the industry will ensure that we have the right fit for your needs. Your ideas will come to life with the help of our in-house graphic artists. They are ready to work with your design or create something to match your requirements. Our kitchen splashbacks will enhance the look of your home with their stylish design and improve hygiene levels in your kitchen with their wipe clean surfaces. We can match any paint colour and design so the options are endless. They add depth and character to the room and can even be etched with digital prints or pictures.

A bespoke glass kitchen splashback changes the energy, the aesthetic, and the mood of a room. Artwork with movement and vibrant colours can make a visual impact and immediately create a uniqueness that other kitchens or bathrooms won’t have. Glass splash backs create a unique eye catching design feature in your kitchen whether you want to make a bold statement in your home or impress visitors at your business premises.  We use 6mm toughened low iron glass for our splash backs, although up to 19mm is available for other types of installations. Using state of the art machinery, we’re able to provide shaping to accommodate electric sockets, cooker points and shaped cooker hoods.

We can accommodate lengths in excess of 3 metres. We manufacture to your own specification in virtually any colour imaginable. Not only can you choose from any RAL, NCS or British Standard colour, but we also offer a full colour match service enabling our clients to achieve a complete bespoke design, offering glass paint matches to the majority of high street paint brands. Glass splashbacks can come in many different finishes from textured, matt, gloss and even mirrored. We can provide a full service, measuring, making templates and installing glass splashbacks, for both domestic and commercial kitchens.

Our kitchen glass splashbacks are easy to keep hygienically clean, as they do not amass mould or staining, compared to traditional tiles and grouted splashbacks. Our diy printed kitchen glass splashbacks are made from 6mm toughened opti clear glass, and are polished on all edges. The images are digitally printed on to the back of the glass using a UV cured ink. Once printed, the glass is again printed in a solid white to enhance the colours and to ensure that the glass is opaque once fitted. The images are printed up to 1440 dpi, depending on the quality of the image file, resulting in amazing print quality.

We offer a 7 year guarantee against discolouration on all our printed glass splashbacks. At our company, we can offer an extensive range of splashback colours, effects and designs.  Our made to measure glass kitchen splashbacks can really visually enhance any area in a commercial or residential setting, combining style and safety using toughened glass splashbacks. Kitchen splashbacks are able to modernise and sophisticate a kitchen, making it the perfect focal point for a home, whilst providing a safe environment. Furthermore, splashbacks are not only used for kitchens – they are also frequently used in bathroom settings as well. Contact Us for more information.

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