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At Kitchen Splashback London, We Create the illusion of extra space and invest in a gorgeous piece from our glass furniture range.

Glass has become an increasingly popular material in modern furniture design. The range of glass options affords tremendous scope to achieve almost magical translucent effects, further enhanced when pieces are positioned under favourable lighting conditions.

New glass is carefully sourced to match the age and style of the piece, for example, antique glass has imperfection features such as surface ripples, small air bubbles and uneven bevelling. In addition to plain glass, Glass Fusion can provide a huge range of tinted and painted glass in a variety of colours.

You’ll find that glass work is at the heart of many items in the Kitchen Splashback London collection. Our team of skilled craftsmen excel in crafting exceptional glass finishes right across our collection.

From Gorgeous white glass to chrome and clear, our extensive collection at Kitchen Splashback London boasts everything you need to style your abode. Whether you’re after any glass furniture that’ll surpass more traditional designs in the style stakes, or wanting to give your living room a unique focal point with our array of coffee tables, glass furniture is both versatile and elegant.​

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